[Checklist] 10 Questions to Ask Before You Press Publish

You've got your killer content all set and ready to go – excellent! Time for you to set it live and reap the rewards, scouring the comments section of the weblog post for feedback. Prepare for fame, fortune and the initial 5 comments to point out just about every flaw. To help counter this possibility we have three magic words for you; content marketing checklist.

Sadly, irrespective of how excellent your content is, unless pre-publishing checks are put in place there will probably be little opportunity for the post to succeed, even with the best marketing strategy backing it up. Having said that, by utilizing this checklist, you can ensure that all the bases are covered to make your posts as good as they can be.

Covering topics ranging from (and to) Seo, constant branding and also a little social media promotion, this content marketing checklist is the one stop your content will need pre-publishing to reach the stars. Take a look at this checklist today, and never be concerned about your use of "your" and "you're" again.


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