Google To Launch New Search Console API As Early As Tomorrow


Search Engine Land has learned that Google is expected to launch a brand new Google Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools, API. This has actually been expected for some time, but our sources say it was suppose to go live today but the launch date was pushed to tomorrow morning instead.

Google has been pulling away features from the old API for some time. John Mueller at Google hinted to that a new API was coming several times and that day is coming really soon now. John also was asking webmasters for feedback on what they’d like to see in the API. Plus Google asked for beta testers for the API back in March.

What We Know About the Search Console API Announcement

We know that Google plans on officially announcing the new API tomorrow. When Google announces the API, anyone can begin using it, you won’t need to be “whitelisted” to gain access to it. The old CSV download method of pulling data from the Google Search Console will still exist for some time and be supported for some time.

Google also has a private forum where beta testers are sharing feedback with Google on this API and that forum will remain open for the next “few months” according to our source.

Our source also tells us the features and options within the API by far exceeds the feature set within the old API.

So keep an eye on the Google Webmaster Blog and the Google Developer center for updates.

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