Work as a Software Developer for a San Francisco Startup in Glacier National Park


Yep! Welcome to Kissmetrics!

Our engineering department consists mainly of remote employees from all over North America. Wherever you roam, you may apply to be our next developer.


Sean Work – Working Remotely @ 34°22’42.23″N, 117°43’19.99″W

Do you have a family? Are you looking for a flexible schedule? Are you looking for a serious technical challenge? Well, we can accommodate all of that for you and more!

I’d say what excites me the most about working here is that developers are independent and not micro-managed… we trust in people’s skills and let them work independently instead of keeping an eye over everything they do.”

– Percy Hanna, Front-End Engineer

What Does Kissmetrics Do?

Kissmetrics is a customer analytics solution for SaaS and Ecommerce businesses. We enable SaaS and Ecommerce businesses to generate business intelligence reports so they can quickly solve business problems and improve their web and mobile customer experiences. We allow online businesses to answer questions like these:

  • How many people left a checkout process yesterday? At what step? Who were they? Can we email them a coupon?
  • How many people who went through our A/B test variant are still customers six months later? Did that variant hurt our customer retention?
  • Can we watch customers navigate through our website in real-time? Can we see what products they put in their cart or plans they’re viewing in real-time?

Kissmetrics can answer all these questions and more.

What Skills Are Needed?

Have front-end experience but want to dive in to more back-end stuff? Awesome at back-end platforms but want to dabble with visualizations? Great!

We are looking for a wide range of candidates who can identify the best methods for a problem and quickly adapt.

We use a mix of many different technologies and while our environment changes, here are some of the current technologies we are using:

  • Git
  • PostgresSQL
  • MySQL
  • Key-Value Stores
  • Distributed systems
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • C++
  • JavaScript

Help us build solutions that make you and our customers happy. If you’re interested in data science, data visualization, API design, or any of the technologies you see here, give us a holler.

How Do I Apply?

Our team consists of friendly, easy to work with people who love to challenge the status quo. If that sounds like you, we would love to talk. Simply visit this link to get started!

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